The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Program assures consumers that a product's ingredients have been fully screened by the DfE scientific review team for potential human health and environmental effects. 

The EPA has released four prospective designs for the new Safer Product Labeling logo that they hope will become a recognizable fixture people look for when choosing products they bring into their home.

According to the DfE Label Redesign Project page, the EPA hopes to achieve these goals with the redesign:

  • Better convey the scientific rigor of EPA's product evaluation and the benefits to people and the environment with a label that is easier to display on products, materials, and in digital media
  • Increase buyers' recognition of products bearing EPA's Safer Product Label
  • Encourage innovation and development of safer chemicals and chemical-based products

The public is encouraged to share their opinion, favorite option, or provide constructive criticism during the redesign process until October 31.

Options A and B both have strong unitary design necessary for a recognizable logo. Although I prefer the color scheme of option B, I would cast my vote for A due to the inclusion of the EPA link to encourage future education, and the exclusion of crowded unnecessary text. Which prospective logo is your favorite, and why?


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