ELEN's Milan Expo installation

A modern look takes a natural stance in the Milan Expo installation by ENEL and Italian firm PIUARCH. The 900 square meter pavilion made of 650 polycarbonate grafted vectors creates an LED forest in partnership with Milan Expo this year and is completely powered by photovoltaics.

Light installation at the milan expo

The space is made up of a shaded wooden walkway with a network of LEDs on a grid. The grid produces continuously changing perceptions for visitors via 150mm tubes in six-inch diameter. Varying in height between five and seven meters, they create a pattern that portrays energy sharing through waves. Visitors walk through the illuminate forest, interacting with the installation and Mediterranean garden. The seasonal changes and interactions between the light and natural features are to remind visitors of system-wide sustainability. The installation as a whole represents ENEL's smart energy grid.

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