Tiny Homes are already tight on space, but that doesn't mean they don't need to forgo technical advancements like storing solar energy. Solar energy batteries are traditionally regulated to areas in the house with space so spare, like the garage, but Adara Power is partnering with builders to install its Adara Energy Storage System in Tiny Homes.

“The unmet challenge in the tiny home movement is finding a place to put them. Once homeowners start working with governmental and utility companies, the concept of freedom can evaporate very quickly,” said Jim Gregory, CEO of Shelter Dynamics in a press release. "With solar and energy storage, tiny houses can go almost anywhere. We plan on a long term partnership with Adara’s incredible team. I could not recommend them highly enough."

Coupled with 10 solar panels, Adara's system was able to operate a 432 square foot Tiny Home off the grid during the Pacific Coast Builder Conference. The company also plans to showcase the self-sufficient residence at future events.

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