The flashlight I have stored away is made from plastic, probably pretty much the same as cookie-cutter flashlights you have as well. My flashlight is functional and essential during a power-cut, but it's not environmentally friendly or aesthetically pleasing in the slightest bit.

AREAWARE, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based producer of "everyday objects that are functional and unusual," works with an arsenal of designers who aim to become a strong voice of American design.

Designer Jonas Damon intended to take the industrial edge off of the iconic, mass-produced flashlight, typically made from plastic or aluminum. Areaware's Torch Flashlight has achieved this, with a sleek new growth Beech wood base, and an energy-efficient LED bulb with an output of 60 lumens. Although the $48.00 price tag is a little hefty, it definitely is a unique product with good intentions. Get a closer look at the Torch Flashlight in this short video:

Areaware Wooden Torch from SUCK UK on Vimeo.