Sungevity's Energy Hub

Sungevity is looking to do more than just solar panels. The company recently announced its entrance into the home battery market, and is now rolling out another component of its system, the Energy Hub.

At the size of a hockey puck, the Energy Hub monitors energy consumption by wirelessly connecting with a smart meter to offer consumers a real-time analysis of a home's energy use. 

Peter Graf, chief product officer at Sungevity, likens the technology to a gym: if the company's solar panels are a gym membership, then the Energy Hub is like a personal trainer, helping homeowners achieve their goals.

People talk about kilowatts produced and carbon emissions avoided but nobody really talks about savings realized. There are competitors who provide similar energy consumption information, but I don’t know of any that are translating that consumption into a savings number.

According to CleanTechnica, Sungevity is also planning to upgrade its solar panels to 300 watts STC-DC per panel, compared to the standard 250 watts. 

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