Two new partnerships have expanded Armstrong Ceilings’s TechZone Ceiling System. Lunera Lighting will produce solid-state LED lighting fixtures to fit the TechZone system, and Trox USA has partnered with Armstrong to produce chilled beams for use in the system.

Lunera’s Lunera 5400 Series, an LED fixture designed specifically for TechZone, is available as a recessed 9/16-inch tegular for the ceiling and a lay-in fixture for a 9/16-inch grid or a 15/16-inch grid. It measures 48 by 6 by 1.19-inches.

Trox USA’s new TechZone-compatible chilled-beam fixtures are narrower than standard chilled beams and can be integrated into the system’s 12-inch-wide technical panel. Two specially designed series Trox DID301-US-TZ, featuring a one-way discharge and DID302-US-TZ, featuring a two-way discharge, are available in two standard lengths: 8 feet and 4 feet. The 8-foot beam also comes with an option to allow a ceiling grid T-bar to pass perpendicular across the beam face on its centerline for added layout flexibility.

The chilled beams feature three nozzle sizes to optimize induction, vertically mounted heat exchangers with condensate trays, and a perforated induced air grille. Two heat exchangers are available: a two-pipe system for cooling and a four-pipe system for cooling and heating. The beams come with lockable sliding hanging brackets and three border-style options are available to coordinate the mean, T-bar system, and tile combinations.