To help provide guidance on achieving indoor air quality, ASHRAE has published Guideline 10-2011, Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Environments. The guideline examines the interactions of air quality and thermal conditions, lighting, and acoustics, and their impact on building occupants. The guideline is intended to help readers understand existing documents related to indoor environments, such as ASHRAE standards related to energy, ventilation, indoor air quality, and thermal conditions, according to Hal Levin, chair of the committee that wrote the guideline. “It can provide assistance to building design professionals and building operators by making them aware of the major interactions that have the potential to impact the indoor environment,” he says. “We believe the guidelines will help draw attention to the narrowly defined scopes of the widely used standards and the significance of combined or interactive effects in determining the acceptability of an indoor environment.”

The guideline is available online at and can also be ordered by phone at 800-527-4723. The price is $54 ($46 for ASHRAE members).