The thicker insulation and better materials making homes air tight are also trapping in all of the bad air inside. In fact, indoor air has been proven to be multiple times worse than outdoor air.

Home owners now need to keep an eye on their home's indoor air quality and ensure their HVAC system is helping move air through the home and remove any pollutants.

In this article for CleanTechnica, Nate Adams tests 11 different datalogging IAQ monitors to find the best buy. By detecting the pollutants, these monitors allow home owners to see whether their methods of reducing pollutants is working - or not.

The full results concluded none are perfect, and the industry as a whole has room for improvement. Of Adams' three categories, Awareness, Understanding, and Solution, only two products were able to enact solutions based on their detection of pollutants. The Foobot and NetAtMo have IFTTT recipes and can connect with LuxGeo and Nest thermostats to increase or decrease the air filtration.

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