<p><strong><a name="NuCedarMills" id="NuCedarMills"></a><img title="Fall08_EH_nn_NuCedar_13.jpg" style="WIDTH: 900px; HEIGHT: 1350px" height="1350" alt="Fall08_EH_nn_NuCedar_13.jpg" src="tcm:13-87687" width="900"></img>NuCedar Mills.</strong> An addition to the Classic Clapboard line of solar-reflective, prefinished cellular PVC siding, Classic Beaded Weatherboard offers the look and milled edge of traditional Carolina weatherboard, says the firm. The product is 100% recyclable. Endorsed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the panels include Sherwin-Williams’ Polane two-part polyurethane finish with UV-reflective pigments, the company says, which keeps the walls cooler and helps lower cooling costs by up to 21%. 866.393.8883. <a href=" http://www.nucedar.com">www.nucedar.com</a>.</p>