Icestone Recycled Glass Countertops Icestone doesn’t just talk the talk with its recycled glass countertops, it walks the walk from beginning to end. Currently the only durable surface to have achieved McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry’s Cradle to Cradle certification, VOC-free Icestone is made with 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. To top it off, the surfaces are downright beautiful, available in an array of eye-catching color combinations for uses around the home. They are strong like granite and heat-resistant like stone, but are not as porous as marble, says the firm. The company’s environmental principles carry over to its office and factories with a laundry list of environmental and sustainability efforts on its résumé, including water management based on the Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability, and the Water Principles of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and stressing social responsibility in its mission statement. More than 80% of the company’s waste is recycled, recovered, or composted. 718.624.4900.