A new company is trying to help homeowners battle the energy waste and high heating bills during the winter by bulking up windows' insulation.

Indow Window inserts, at $250, can be installed in just minutes and improve leaky windows significantly. The company's own tests revealed a 23-degree improvement on a window after the inserts were installed, from 31.5 degrees Fahrenheit to 51.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Popular Mechanics editor Ryan D'Agostino writes of his own experience with the product:

It's an acrylic sheet, laser-measured to fit each window, ribbed with compression tubing that squeezes into the window frame, sealing cold air out and keeping warm air in. Once you pop them in (no hardware required), you don't even notice them. It's the kind of ridiculously simple invention that you think must have been invented before. I used them only this past winter, so I don't have multiple seasons of research to compare, but the U.S. Department of Energy found that Indows led to a 20 percent reduction in energy costs in a sample home, and a separate, larger study found a 19 percent reduction.

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