As the economy rebounds, ecotourism is on the upturn and the demand for unique, eco-safe vacations is on the rise. Enter Tensile, a company that builds strong, aerial tents designed to have little impact on the surrounding environment and provide the fun of suspended sleeping. Tensile offers cheaper suspended tents with cheaper models available for under $1,000 dollars, other tents can go for multiple thousands of dollars. The tents are also easy to set up and can be used in lots of different places.

"To pitch the Stingray and all of Tentsile’s products, you need three trees—or three otherwise stable pillars. The three webbed supports radiating out from the tent are held in tension and at the anchor points with ratchet straps. No matter how insect- or animal-laden, rocky, or wet the ground conditions are, as long as you can find three supports, you can pitch the tent. But if the ground is fine, you’re free to pitch the tent on the ground, too."

Head on over to Fast Company to read about the company's history and see more photos of the different suspended tent designs.