I am not a braggart, but I feel compelled to toot EcoHome's horn. This week, ecohomemagazine.com was named the best Web site launched during the past year by B2B, a publication that reports on business-to-business (trade) magazines and their Web sites and e-newsletters.

I edit two Hanley Wood magazines, EcoHome and Building Products, as well as two Web sites. Although I have been editor of Building Products for 12 years, I have received more notes from readers of the EcoHome magazine, Web site, and e-newsletter since they launched just a short time ago than I have ever received about Building Products. Nearly every one of these e-mails compliments the EcoHome products, and thanks the staff for clearly and concisely explaining complicated details about green products, technologies, construction techniques, legislation, programs, and other developments.

This is one comment I received this week: "I saw my dad (a custom builder) over the weekend and he made a point of telling me how much he likes EcoHome" magazine, wrote Meghan Drueding, who happens to be senior editor of Custom Home and residential architect magazines, sister publications of EcoHome. "He said it cut through all the greenwashing that goes on and really gave useful information. He's usually kind of a skeptic so impressing him really means something!"

I've been around the home building and remodeling industries for 20 years, so I don't expect these accolades to last very long. Most pros are skeptics–and that's a good thing. You don't believe all the glowing claims made by manufacturers about their products, or others who dole out advice but have never swung a hammer. Your business demands that you make conservative, thoughtful decisions about new products, technologies, and construction techniques because when those things don't meet your expectations, or your clients', they can create callbacks and shrink profits.

So I challenge you to be critical of the content in the EcoHome magazine, Web site, and e-newsletter, and criticize it when you think we've got it wrong or haven't fully flushed out important details or facts. In the future, the editors–me, Rick Schwolsky, and Katy Tomasulo--along with our Web producer, Ian Blyth, hope to post Web blogs and forums so you can share your ideas, opinions, and questions with our staff and your colleagues nationwide.

You know that the green movement is here to stay and that your customers are counting on you for your guidance and support. A healthy debate is the only way the green scene will continue to offer a plethora of creative innovations and compelling ideas, in addition to the pertinent knowledge you need to be successful in this burgeoning arena. I'm elated that the EcoHome family of products can provide an exciting, vibrant place for this dialogue--and create winners for all involved.