From drought-related water restrictions in California to drinking water crises in Michigan and Ohio, the national news is awash in concern about water quality. While the politicians and pundits debate the business and public health ramifications of updating water infrastructure, building products manufacturers are giving construction pros the tools they need to improve water quality at the homeowner level.

Up to now, most healthy home discussions have focused on indoor air quality, but plumbing plays an important part in healthy homes as well. Here are a four new products that can address issues of hard water, microbial contaminants, and reclaimed water use.

Get in the Zone
The Aqualogic Ozone Faucet from Lenova incorporates a small, thin ozone generator to help sanitize hands, surface, and food without chemicals or residues. Because ozone oxidizes micro-organisms on contact, the sanitizing faucet helps eliminate pesticides from foods, as well as bacteria--including salmonella, norovirus, and e-coli--faster and more effectively than even chlorine could. The technology comes in a modern and stylish faucet design available in polished chrome or brushed nickel. Auqalogic is UPC and NSF certified, and the maker says it is the only faucet on the market in the U.S. that’s tested and certified by the FDA.

The Color Purple
Viega has expanded its ViegaPEX tubing line to include purple PEX for reclaimed water applications. Available in 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-inch sizes, and has the highest rating for chlorine, the maker says. The purple color indicates reclaimed water for use in areas like toilets, irrigation, and laundry. Viega says it maintains quality control and manufactures all the resin for its PEX tubing.

Smooth Moves
Having clean water depends on more than just the water source. Lubrizol’s FlowGuard Gold pipe is made of CPVC, which has been third-party tested to show better protection against biofilm formation than some other non-metallic pipe materials. The pipes feature a smoother interior surface than other materials, and is designed not to corrode, which means microbes don’t have nooks and crannies to gather and multiply in the water stream. Compatible with hot and cold water, FlowGuard also has lower condensation than other materials, and easy installation for lower labor costs.

Softer Touch
Standard water-softener systems add expense to utility bills by requiring homeowners to purchase salt and by wasting water in the softening process. Enviro Water Products’ Pro Combo System addresses these issues with the added benefits of water filtration, all in one. The system starts with a pre-filter that removes dirt and debris, and only needs to be changed twice a year, followed by a two-stage carbon system that filters out bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, and more. The filtered water is then pulled through the salt-free NatureSoft tank with a specialized material that softens the water and helps guard the whole house against contaminants, sediment, and scale build-up.

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