Even during tough economic times, home buyers want a wow factor in the home, an element that separates them from the neighbors. Reclaimed materials provide that one-of-a-kind feel consumers crave, whether their flooring’s first life was a pickle preserver or their driveway was worn down by horse and buggies near the Liberty Bell.

Of course, reclaimed materials aren’t just pretty to look at: Salvaged flooring, sinks, and siding offer a two-fold environmental benefit of reusing potential landfill-bound materials while saving the resources required for new products. What’s more, many of these materials are more durable than their modern counterparts. To maintain the most eco-friendly levels, look for local salvage companies or those that have multiple distribution points.

Most salvaged materials aren’t cheap. But the payback in aesthetics, durability, and sustainability are worth the price for many buyers. Here are seven options to wow your clients.