Sustainable Vanity

A line of bathroom furnishings made from sustainably grown bamboo and recycled concrete, the Katharos collection includes a vanity made from wall-suspended cabinetry available in two colors topped by a countertop that comes in three colors, two lengths, and three configurations of cabinet doors and drawers.

Sunken Treasure

Raising trees from flooded forests, this company offers wood in a variety of species and cuts, from flooring to poles. Species include Douglas fir, Western red cedar, Western white pine, and hemlock.
Triton Logging.

Grate Idea

This manufacturer creates decorative metal castings, including drain grates, trench grates, tree grates, and other custom grates from post-consumer recycled iron, which makes up a minimum of 80 percent of each product.
Iron Age Designs.

Previous Porcelain

The eight products in the EcoCycle Porcelain-Stone tile series have 40 percent recycled content. Meant to resemble natural stone, their surface color continues through the body of the tile. Each measures 12 inches by 12 inches and has a coordinating bullnose and cove base.

Natural Finish

Low-VOC OSMO Polyx-Oil engineered-wood finish is made of plant oils, waxes, and highly refined mineral spirits and designed for areas with high humidity.
Environmental Home Center.

Vaporless Formulations

Auro paints, stains, finishes, and adhesives do not emit any solvent vapors into the air, the maker says. The binding agents are made from regenerative raw materials. The company offers options for interior walls, interior floors, exterior walls, and metal.

Exotic Veneers

Six new architectural composite veneers and matching edge bandings are logged from managed forests. They are made by molding and dyeing African hardwood to resemble quartered zebrawood, quartered macasser ebony, quartered teak, rift white oak, quartered mahogany, and quartered wenge.
Heritage Custom Cabinetry.

Pump It Up

Tranquility 27 6-ton geothermal and water-source heat pumps use a zero-ozone-depletion refrigerant. Units include a variable-speed motor and double-isolated compressor mounting.

Efficient Cooler

Charged by a 5-ton condensing unit at night and storing 50 ton-hours of cooling capacity, the Ice Bear 50 Unit storage air-conditioner operates on the power required to run two 150-watt bulbs, the maker says. It delivers up to 7.5 tons of consistent cooling.
Ice Energy.