AFM. Naturals plant-based finishes contain no solvents or toxic ingredients such as preservatives or dryers. The products, which are SCS-certified and can be used to earn LEED points, help rejuvenate, weatherproof, and enhance the beauty of wood floors, fencing, timberwork, and decks, according to the firm. 619.239.0321.

CertainTeed. Granules in Landmark Solaris shingles reflect solar energy and radiate heat better than traditional asphalt, the company says, reducing roof temperature in the summer and thereby reducing energy use. The roofing, which withstands winds up to 130 mph, is available in five colors: weathered wood, burnt sienna, resawn shake, heather blend, and moire black. 800.233.8990.

Sloan Valve Co. The Aqus Greywater System collects water from bathroom sinks and reuses it for toilet flushing. The drainage water is routed through a sanitizing and filtration system, and then collects in a storage reservoir under the sink; upon flushing, the water is pumped to the flush tank. The toilet tank will use supplemental freshwater if enough greywater is not sent down the lav drain to accommodate the amount of flushing required. 800.982.5839.
Toto. The Aquia III high-efficiency toilet features a powerful gravity flush with a washdown system that directs 100% of the water through the rim to keep the bowl clean, the firm says. Users can select the level of water used with each flush—1.6 gallons for bulk waste or 0.9 gallon for liquid. The Aquia III’s modern design and squared corners provide a new twist on the other toilets in the Aquia line. 888.295.8134.