GreenSpec, the online green building product site of BuildingGreen (, and the Pharos Project, the online green building research site of the Healthy Building Network (, are joining forces. At Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, BuildingGreen and the Healthy Building Network announced a strategic partnership to create, a new site that provides immediate access to both GreenSpec and Pharos from one location.

A free 30-day trial, as well as an online tour of the new site, are now available. However, continued use of any of the sites and databases will require membership purchase. By mid-2011, the two organizations aim to offer a joint membership to both sites.

The strategic partnership also includes the formation of a research collaborative, which will be lead by Bill Walsh, founder and executive director of the Healthy Building Network. It will focus on accelerating the pace of independent research on product toxicity.

“Accelerating the transition to healthier, more sustainable and more equitable building products and materials is our mission,” Walsh says. “Our partnership with BuildingGreen will enable us to increase the scope and scale of our research: to provide unsurpassed transparency about building material choices, and dramatically enhance our ability to communicate these results to a much broader public.”