The Tesla Powerwall has the ability to transform the housing industry, but right now, a lot of questions remain.

"Do the economics of these batteries really make sense? Are they worth not only the cost but the hassle of installing them? Are they worth it even if you don’t have solar panels?" writes Cade Metz in an article for Wired.

With this in mind, San Diego startup Orison has started a Kickstarter campaign for its own, smaller, and friendlier home battery system. But will the cheaper, lighter, and expandable battery system really be able to compete with Tesla's Powerwall?

The device is unusually small and light, weighing only about 40 pounds. You can install it on your own, inside the house, simply by plugging into an ordinary electrical socket. And you can get your hands on one if you contribute a mere $1,600 to the Kickstarter campaign.

The device stores only about 2.2 kWh of power—which would, say, run your TV for 5 hours. But you can install additional devices for only $1,100 apiece. And each is designed to blend with a home’s decor. You can choose a device that hangs on the wall or one that stands on the floor, and both models double as an LED light fixture. No, you can’t have one today. But the company says its batteries will ship this summer.

Orison has developed a calculator where homeowners can calculate how much they would save with their product. Try the calculator here, and learn more about the product via Orison's Kickstarter page >>