GridPoint Connect Integrated PV Energy Control and Management System The advent of photovoltaic solar electric systems that connect and interact with grid power has opened up new categories of products to monitor, distribute, store, and control electrical supply and demand to and from solar-powered homes. Load centers, inverters, and distribution panels combine to link the solar collectors with the house loads and utility grid. And so far, backup battery systems only add to the complexity of a PV installation. So we are impressed with GridPoint’s Connect management system that combines these functions and more into a single integrated, versatile, and easy-to-install unit. Not only does GridPoint control and manage the PV power supply to the house and utility grid, it includes a battery backup system that automatically comes on line to power selected electrical appliances wired into a separate load panel. GridPoint Connect also can tap into an online interface and give information on energy consumption and backup power, and to select energy consumption preferences. 888.998.4743.