The days of an endless grey cubicle grid might be behind us, but the popular open office space far from flawless. Open offices are sometimes just as dreary as the walled layouts of the past, they have fewer surfaces for decor, and most importantly, sound carries. BuzziSpace, makers of collaborative office products from recycled materials, has designed a solution that adds both functionality and flare to the modern office.

BuzziCactus, made in collaboration with award-winning Antwerp industrial designer Sas Adriaenssens, is a lifelike, portable wall with a sense of humor. “BuzziCactus was designed as an unexpected and fun element, meant to breathe new life into modern open floor plan environments,” Adriaenssens says of the idea. “By taking an element we usually associate with the outdoors and bringing it into the office, BuzziCactus offers a friendly reminder of home.”

The three unique BuzziCactus designs all function as art pieces, room dividers, and bulletin boards. Made to mimic the same acoustics as typical wall and ceiling panels, BuzziCactus offers the flexibility of portability and is made with the environment in mind. The line is produced entirely from recycled and organic materials.  The cactus core is made of recycled honeycomb cardboard, which is also biodegradable. The exterior is covered in BuzziSpace’s signature BuzziFabric, which is made up of 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacrylic, and 5% recycled rags. “The combination of these sustainable materials produces a lightweight, yet durable freestanding form, designed to last,” says Adriaenssens. The ease of moving the dividers from space-to-space limits any need for more intensive renovation and won’t disrupt the climate conditions of the office.

In addition to practical application, the dividers link principles and recognizable forms in nature to the indoors, a principle of biophilic design, albeit a mimicked one. “[BuzziCactus designs] color your environment to make it more approachable. The ‘plants’ are very tactile and are designed to make you feel good,” explains Adriaenssens.

While product rollout is just beginning, BuzziSpace aims for the product to be used to define borders in open offices between teams or work areas without disrupting collaborative space or view. Beyond the office environment, BuzziCactus could be a simple solution to manage ambient noise pollution in other shared spaces like loft apartments and lobbies.

Aside from desks, tables, and electronics, add a fabric cactus to the list of things every modern office needs.