Johnsonite’s Eco-Naturals Collection includes Eco-Shell with Cork Tiles and Stair Treads (pictured here) and Corktones, two lines of rubber tiles and treads that use rapidly renewable and pre-consumer waste stream materials. Eco-Shell with Cork tiles and treads contain a total of 7 percent of rapidly renewable resources, while CorkTones products contain 2.5 percent cork by weight. Tiles are available in 24 to 32 standard color offerings and are 24 inches by 24 inches in size. Stair treads in both collection components are available with or without an integrated rise, and with or without abrasive strip inserts in a standard finish. The Eco-Shell with Cork tiles and treads can also be ordered by special request to have walnut shell dust only and no cork. The products contain no phthalates, halogens, or chlorine.