Lately, manufacturers have been introducing vinyl siding lines with traditional profiles—with board-and-batten, beadboard, and shingle styles dominating—and with features that offer performance improvements over products of the past. Deeper, darker color palettes and insulated panels also continue to proliferate.

Cedar Discovery double 7-inch shingles are now available in Alcoa Home Exteriors' DreamColor palette of more than 700 colors and custom-color matching capabilities. The polypropylene siding is designed to give the look of hand-installed cedar shingles, and it features the Tornado-Tough nailing hem, a full-panel side lock, and the C-Lok continuous locking system. 800.962.6973.

Available in two profiles that give the look of milled cedar shingles, CertainTeed's Northwoods vinyl shingle panels come in a 10-foot length for faster installation and fewer laps. Single 7-inch straight-edge rough-split shakes feature a ¾-inch panel projection, detailed grain texture, and tapered gaps for a natural look. Single 10-inch random hand-split shakes offer random gaps, a 1-inch panel projection, and grain texture on full overlap for a seamless look. 800.233.8990.

Cedarway 8-foot cedar-shake vinyl siding panels from Atlantis Plastics offer a thick, true cedar-grain profile with a 7-inch exposure and more staggered seams for a natural wood appearance. The long-length panels feature variable-width keyways that are designed to expand and contract without opening or buckling, and special temperature lines are molded into the panels to guide fast, accurate installation. 888.501.7977.

Options abound for traditional siding profiles in low-maintenance vinyl as manufacturers  continue to evolve their offerings.
Options abound for traditional siding profiles in low-maintenance vinyl as manufacturers continue to evolve their offerings.

Featuring a “true flat” design, Mitten Vinyl's InsulPlank Double 6-inch Horizontal siding incorporates a top-locking feature that helps keep joints and seams tight and uniform and allows for fast installation. A foam backing permanently bonded to the panel's polymer exterior profile provides for an R-4 insulation value and reduces noise. The siding will not crack, break, or rot and never requires caulking or painting, according to the company. 800.265.0774.

Crane Performance Siding's CraneBoard Double 6½-inch Beaded features wider, straighter planks with a panel face and bead that replicate the detail of hand-milled beaded cedar planks, the maker says. The siding panels interlock to keep seams tight and flat. The Solid Core foam backing delivers an R-value of 2.8 and deadens sound by up to 45%. The panels come in 12-foot lengths. 800.366.8472.

Nailite's Cape Cod Perfection EZ vinyl siding offers the appearance of traditional white cedar perfection shingles and features a three-tier panel design with a side-interlocking system that makes installation easy. Each shingle has a 4½-inch exposure to provide more design options than standard 6- and 7-inch shingle exposures, the manufacturer says. Cape Cod Perfection EZ panels measure 43 5/8 inches long by 15½ inches high. 888.300.0070.

Alside's Prodigy Next Generation Insulated Siding, featuring a 1½-inch overall thickness, offers a system R-value of 5. The vinyl siding's interlocking panel design provides a secure fit to eliminate insulation gaps. Prodigy features a flat 6-inch face that gives the look of traditional single-plank siding, as well as a 16-foot, 8-inch panel length to minimize overlaps. A line of fully insulated trims and accessories is available. 800.922.6009.

The addition of Luran S ASA thermoplastics to Royal Building Products' Royalside Compound and Dura Technology process provides fade protection for the rich, dark colors of Colorscapes vinyl siding. The technology also delivers impact resistance. A color-through process hides scratches. Panels feature a ¾-inch butt height that increases rigidity and enhances shadow lines for a realistic wood look. The double-roll nailing hem allows the panel to withstand winds up to 180 mph. 800.387.2789.