Grand Hall. Featuring a multipass heat exchanger, Grand Hall’s Eternal Hybrid water heating system is designed to replace multiple tanks and use less energy and space than one tank, yet is capable of producing endless hot water faster than tankless units and for multiple applications at once, the company says. The system maintains 86% efficiency and generates near-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Features include triple-stage overheat protection, an oxygen depletion sensor, and computer-controlled temperature sensors and mixing valve. 877.934.7455.

Saint-Gaudens. The company’s solid-bronze art tiles are made with 75% post-consumer recycled material. The new Harmony collection, shown here, features Asian designs, etched designs, and stick liners that can be used for any installation, including walls, floors, and wet areas. The pieces come in bronze or silvertone (white bronze). 760.891.0300.

Zephyr. The ES1 Energy Star–rated under-cabinet kitchen ventilation hood saves up to 564 kWh, or 65% of electricity, compared with similar under-cabinet models, according to the firm. The 30-inch unit features a 280-cfm three-speed blower and dishwasher-safe aluminum filters. Black, white, and stainless steel finishes are available. 888.880.8368.

Bay Tree Technologies. PureWood decking undergoes the Stellac Thermally Modified Wood process, which uses steam and heat to protect the wood while keeping its integrity in tact. The correct combination of temperature, time, and conditioning modifies the wood to protect itself, according to the company. Wood sugars change into a natural substance that cannot be digested by insects or used as food by fungus or mold, the maker says, dramatically increasing the wood’s resistance to rot and decay. Chemical- and metal-free, the wood is noncorrosive and nontoxic. It is available in traditional-style Sahara (shown) or Linea, a Euro-style board with a different linear design on each side. 888.575.4180.

Oldcastle. Part of the Belgard Environmental line of permeable concrete products, the Subterra Stone permeable paver boasts a 9.5% void ratio, which lets water drain through the paver rather than run off. According to the company, 13 false-joint technology patterns combined with six chiseled stone textures contribute to a natural stone look. 877.235.4273.

Shakertown. Craftsman One-Course cedar shingle panels are now available with Rain Screen technology that protects against moisture. According to the firm, specially placed grooves on the back of the panel allow rain, condensation, and air to flow horizontally and vertically, channeling moisture away from the wall and down to the ground. The panels exceed 98% drainage efficiency, the maker says. The one-course panels include a full plywood back, 3/8-inch shingle butt, and overlocking end joints. 800.426.8970.

Viance. Ecolife stabilized, weather-resistant wood uses EcoVance preservative, a nonmetallic preservative with long-term performance against rot, decay, and termites, according to the manufacturer. The preservative is biodegradable, does not accumulate in soil, and can be used for above-ground and in-ground wood applications like decking, fencing, gazebos, and sill plates. Ecolife wood can be painted or stained. 800.421.8661.

Arch Wood Protection. Three fungicides and an EPA-registered borate compound combine to protect FrameGuard wood against mold, decay, and insects. The product, which meets the air quality requirements of the Greenguard Environmental Institute, can be used for a range of interior applications, including framing lumber, plywood panels, OSB, I-beams, and SIPs. The treatment is green in color. 866.736.7366.

Cosentino. Silestone Muro, a line of tumbled mosaic backsplashes, is created from scrap quartz material that is generated during the manufacturing process of the company’s products. Mounted on 12-inch mesh sheets, it comes in 20 colors with tile sizes varying from 1-inch-by-1-inch squares, 1-inch-by-2-inch rectangular pieces, and 4-inch-by-4-inch tiles. 281.494.7277.

Roos International. Made with woven-glass textile yarns that provide a textured finish, Texturglas wall finish strengthens, stabilizes, and protects walls. When coated with latex paint, the product does not trap moisture like conventional vinyl wall coverings, the firm says. The finish provides mold and mildew control and can be used to cover up problem surfaces. The material is reusable, recyclable, and emits no VOCs. 800.888.2776.

Panasonic. The WhisperComfort spot energy recovery ventilator (ERV) exhausts stale air from inside the house and replaces it with fresh air from outside. The country’s first ceiling-insert ERV, according to the firm, WhisperComfort can provide spot ventilation or whole-house ventilation. It provides low-rate, continuous air flow and offers quiet operation, two two-speed setting options, and frost-prevention mode. 866.292.7292.

Mansfield. The Prestigio 4 1.1-gpf pressure-assisted toilet saves up to 40% of the water used by a regular 1.6-gpf toilet, the maker says. The product uses water pressure to compress and store air in a plastic tank. When the toilet flushes, the pressure of the compressed air reinforces the normal gravity flow, so less water is required to clear the bowl. 877.850.3060.

Dow. Styrofoam SIS (structural insulated sheathing) is an exterior structural sheathing, foam board, and weather-resistive barrier all in one, the maker says. The panel consists of three layers that are laminated together and is made from 80% post-consumer recycled content. According to the company, each panel weighs 16 pounds, is easy to install, and offers R-3 to R-5 depending on thickness. 866.583.2583.

Velux. The company’s solar water heating system replaces or adds on to a water heating system and includes a solar pump station and controller, hot water mixing valve, expansion tank, solar tank, and collectors. According to the firm, the system can provide up to 100% of the demand for hot water heating, with typically 80% of hot water needs coming from free solar power. The SRCC-certified solar energy roof collectors are designed to integrate well with roof lines, the company says, and they integrate seamlessly with Velux roof windows. 800.888.3589.

Trane. The three-stage, high-efficiency XC95 communicating furnace is rated at up to 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Its ComfortLink II communicating technology connects key components so the system calibrates for optimal performance, says the maker. An optional Telephone Access Module lets users adjust settings and receive system updates remotely. 903.581.3200.

Ankmar. Gallantry series DuraGreen garage doors are SCS-certified to have at least 88% recycled content. The doors are made with recycled Douglas fir fused with exterior-grade resins and waxes. The doors will not split, warp, or crack like wood and will not dent like steel, according to the manufacturer. The panels feature an embossed wood-grain texture and have the look of custom, hand-carved wood doors. 800.322.9075.

Timber Products Co. GreenT hardwood plywood products, which include MDF-core panels, veneer-core panels, and particleboard-core panels, are produced with no-added-urea formaldehyde resin. The panels meet or exceed federal, state, and California Air Resources Board standards and meet the requirements of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program. The products are made with wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 800.547.9520.

Broan. Energy Star–compliant under-cabinet QDE series range hoods save 564 kWh per year, the company says, with a 280-cfm blower and dual compact fluorescent bulbs that last 10,000 hours. The units offer two speeds and operate at 0.9 sone on low speed. Three finishes—black, white, and stainless steel—are available; the aluminum filters are dishwasher safe. 800.558.1711.

LG. The Energy Star–rated SteamWasher is the first washing machine proven to reduce allergens, claims the manufacturer. The Allergiene cycle uses steam to help wash clothes at the temperature necessary to break down and wash out more than 95% of allergens without harming fabrics, the company says. The SteamDryer features settings that freshen clothing and reduce wrinkles and static. The Steam Laundry pair is available in stainless steel, blue, red, and white. 800.243.0000.

Georgia-Pacific. Comprised of OSB with a weather-resistant barrier laminated to the surface, Nautilus wall sheathing installs like regular OSB but saves the extra step of installing a building wrap, the company says. Once the panels are installed, contractors tape the seams with Nautilus tape. The panels are 7/16 inch thick. 877.437.9759.