GEOSTAR. The Cypress Series geothermal system provides forced-air heating and cooling and hydronic heating for radiant floors and features a desuperheater option for supplemental hot water. Available in 3-ton to 6-ton capacities, the Energy Star-rated models use EPA-approved R-410A refrigerant.

American Standard. The WaterSense-certified, dual-flush Boulevard toilet operates at 1.6 gpf for solids or 1.1 gpf for liquids, offering water savings of up to 20% compared to standard models, according to the company. Exclusive PowerWash bowl-scouring technology assures reliable and clean operation. 800.442.1902.

Kichler. The Design Pro LED Modular 2.0 and Disc System provides low-profile, dimmable, efficient task lighting under a cabinet or shelf. The 24-volt Modular units measure 1/2 inch by 2?3/8 inches and come in four lengths: 6, 12, 18, and 30 inches; the Disc units are 3/8 inch by 2?3/4 inches. The systems are customizable by snapping segments together or connecting units via interconnect cables. The system uses 75% less electricity than incandescent lighting, the maker says, and has a 40,000-hour lifespan. 866.558.5706.

MIELE. The Futura series of dishwashers exceed 2012 Energy Star requirements by 25% for water consumption, making them 35% more efficient than previous generations. Built-in sensors automatically adjust water temperature and drying times to save water and energy. Depending on the model, six to 16 programs manage washing anything from crystal and china to pots and pans. 800.843.7231.

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. The ReUze CPVC purple water piping system provides a practical, easy-to-install system for non-potable residential water uses and can contribute up to 10 LEED points, according to the company. The purple pipe is marked with two lines of type clearly identifying the non-potable contents to ensure that they are not crossed with potable water lines. 800.438.6091. Circle 324.

Noritz. The Energy Star-rated EcoTough Series NRC98 gas-fired residential condensing tankless on-demand water heater has an Energy Factor of 0.93 and operates with a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gpm and temperature settings from 100 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Featuring a commercial-grade heat exchanger, the unit is covered by a 12-year, 6,500-hour warranty. 866.766.7489.

Brizo. Siderna collection faucets combine modern lines with a ribbon-like spout and machined glass and metal components. The WaterSense-certified lav faucets come in a single-handle, single-hole model; a two-handle wide-spread; and a two-handle wall-mount. The style also is available in wall- and ceiling-mount raincan showerheads and in three- and four-hole Roman tub faucets. Polished chrome and Brilliance brushed nickel finishes are available. 877.345.2749.

Carrier. Featuring Greenspeed intelligence, the company’s latest Infinity heat pump offers an industry-leading HSPF heating efficiency rating of up to 13 along with cooling efficiency up to 20 SEER. The unit’s variable-speed scroll compressor provides consistent indoor temperatures while conserving energy. The line includes capacities from 2 to 5 tons. 800.227.7437. Circle 317.

Hurd. The company’s new Ultra-R glass option with Heat Mirror technology utilizes film suspended in insulated glass to achieve R-values up to R-20 (when filled with krypton gas). The film, made by Southwall Insulating Glass, is coated with nanoscale metal particles that reflect heat back to its source and improve insulation, block UV rays, and reduce noise, the company says. The lightweight windows come with up to three sheets of virtually weightless film to create up to four super-insulating cavities. 800.433.4873.

Valspar. Valspar Plus is the first asthma- and allergy-friendly paint certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The company says the zero-VOC paint reduces airborne irritants during application and its antimicrobial factor reduces mold and mildew growth. It’s available in thousands of colors with three sheen options. 800.845.9061. Circle 319.

DuPont. The Corian Terra collection of solid surfaces, made with recycled materials, now includes 33 colors; five colors have at least 20% pre-consumer recycled resin content as certified by SCS. The material, which can contribute to LEED points, is nonporous, and, with proper cleaning, does not promote the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria. All colors are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certified. 800.906.7765.

Imtra. The Sardinia and Cyprus 120-volt flush-mount LED downlights are designed to replace 120-volt, 35-watt halogen lights, providing equal light output and color temperature but with no radiated heat and less than one-third of the power consumption, the company says. The lights do not require step-down transformers, external drivers, or LED converters necessary for some low-voltage LED and halogen products. 508.995.7000.

Crossville. The Mixology tile line replicates a cast metal sculptural look with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content as certified by SCS. Seven field tile designs in two sizes plus 10 trim options and two random mosaics are available in four distinctive finishes. All tile and trim in the line come with a clear protective coating to ensure a durable, virtually maintenance-free finish, the company says. 931.484.2110.

Cali Bamboo. BamDeck composite bamboo decking is the only decking composed of 30% recycled bamboo fibers and 70% recycled plastics, the firm says. The product, which is termite-resistant and can qualify for LEED credits, is available in three colors: caramel, coffee, and slate. 888.788.2254.

A.O. Smith. The company’s new 180,000-BTU condensing tankless water heaters offer continuous flow rates of up to 8 gallons per minute and use highly efficient condensing technology, which allows the units to operate with an Energy Factor of 0.91. The manufacturer says an easy-to-read built-in display shows temperature, diagnostics, and error messages. The Energy Star–rated units are available in natural gas or propane as well as indoor and outdoor configurations. 800.527.1953.

Broan. The company’s Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator differs from standard attic ventilators by removing moisture from the air before the attic gets hot, rather than via temperature-triggered activation. The whisper-quiet DC motor ventilates up to 1,600 square feet and can harness solar power even in low light, the company says. Available in black, brown, or weathered wood, the ventilator fits existing attic fan holes, retrofitting in minutes, and can be surface-, remote-, curb-, or gable-mounted. 800.558.1711. Circle 330.

Rheem. With a 29-gallon tank, the Energy Star-qualified XR90 extreme recovery gas water heater heats water faster than a typical 50-gallon gas water heater with a recovery rate of 61 gallons per hour at a 90-degree-F rise in temperature. The XR90 has an Energy Factor of 0.70, exceeding the requirements of Energy Star Phase 2. 800.621.5622.

Sto Corp. Designed to meet new, more stringent building codes, StoEnergy Guard combines a fluid-applied waterproof air barrier system with a drainage mat to create an energy-efficient breathable wall assembly behind any type of cladding. Applied over sheathing joints and flashing, the barrier forms a seamless coating on walls that combine different types of claddings. Non-toxic and containing no VOCs, the system complies with the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code. 800.221.2397.

Venmar Ventilation. Kubix heat- and energy-recovery ventilators are designed for condominiums and small homes up to about 1,000 square feet. With its cube shape measuring less than 16 inches on each side, the unit can be easily concealed in a closet or above a hot water tank to save valuable space, the company says. The line comes in five models, four of which are Energy Star–qualified. 800.567.3855.

Cooper Wiring Devices. The company’s tamper-resistant receptacle with USB port is a convenient and energy-saving alternative to the adapters and computers required to charge many electronic devices. It has a power conversion efficiency of about 65% and draws little electricity when idle—about 0.11 watt. 866.853.4293.

Venstar. The Slimline Platinum thermostat provides programmable control of both temperature and humidity levels and tracks heating and cooling runtime hours. It recalculates the start time of the morning heating or cooling period depending on environmental factors to reach the programmed setpoint quickly and efficiently. The unit has an auto changeover, three-stage heat/two-stage cool program for use with gas/electric, heat pump, electric, and hydronic heat systems. 818.812.9930.

Vermont Natural Coatings. The company’s low-VOC wood finishes were developed in collaboration with the University of Vermont using whey protein, a by-product of the dairy industry. The line of protective finishes, which includes furniture, floor, and exterior coatings, enhances the natural beauty of wood while providing a hard-wearing, water- and scratch-resistant surface, the company says. The product can also contribute to LEED points. 802.472.8700.

AllEarth Renewables. The AllSun Tracker combines PV collectors, inverters, and controls with a ground-mounted, dual-axis tracker that uses GPS to follow the sun across the sky, producing up to 45% more energy than a standard fixed system, the firm says. Two models, a 4.2-kW unit or a 5.5-kW unit, deliver approximately 5,900 kWh and 7,700 kWh per year, respectively. 802.872.9600.

Water Wise Group. The Aqua2use greywater system collects water from the shower, laundry, lavatory sinks, and bath and channels it through a four-stage filtration system into a 21-gallon tank to create water suitable for outdoor irrigation. The reusable filters have a 15,000-gallon capacity and should be cleaned every four to six months, the company says. 805.468.4920.

Philips Lighting. The EnduraLED A19 is the first Energy Star–rated LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. It’s available in a 12.5-watt version with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80; a 10-watt version will be available next year. The fully dimmable bulb has an average rated lifespan of 25,000 hours. 800.555.0050.