SRS Energy. Solé Power Tile is the industry’s first building-integrated photovoltaic product designed specifically for curved-roof systems, the company says. The barrel-style tiles install alongside US Tile’s traditional clay tiles, blending seamlessly to allow for the collection of solar energy without interfering with the roofline’s aesthetics. The product provides 500 watts per 100 square feet. The Power Tiles are tested for durability, UV stability, color fastness, wind resistance, and more. 267.515.5895.

Kelly Moore Paints. The company has unveiled two new zero-VOC paints. Enviro Coat 100% acrylic no-VOC interior paint offers excellent hide, easy application, and water cleanup, the maker says. Green Coat waterborne no-VOC paint also cleans up with water and provides a tough, durable finish. In addition, 16 new colors are available for the eCoat line of interior and exterior paint, which is made with at least 50% post-consumer waste paint. 888.677.2468.

Alsons. Fluidics technology for the 657 water-saving showerhead controls water shape and velocity to provide a full body spray while using only 1.6 gpm. The technology also delivers the water at a higher velocity, creating a more invigorating experience and a uniform temperature. 800.421.0001.