Aiming to help filter out product greenwashing, NSF International, a nonprofit organization that writes national standards and certifies products to protect public health and the environment, has developed a Sustainable Product Assurance program to help measure and verify the environmental and social claims of products.

The program is composed of several interconnected services that aim to strengthen sustainable produce claims. Using measurement methods related to content, material and energy resource use, and end-of-life concerns, NSF seeks to develop national industry standards, technically rigorous protocols, or a customized methodology by which to verify a product’s claims. Sustainable product certification will involve evaluating and testing products to ensure that the product conforms to published standards and protocols. When certification is achieved, an NSF Sustainability Certified Mark will be granted. This mark can then be used to packaging, products and marketing materials. Certified products also will be listed on an online listing from NSF.

The NSF Sustainable Product Assurance program seeks to comply with the Federal Trade Commissions’ Green Guidelines. The testing and certification program aims to verify environmental claims, such as water, waste, and energy savings, recyclability, and nontoxic claims.

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