Winchester Windows. The Bristol window line helps homeowners save money on heating and cooling costs, the maker's case studies show. The triple-paned vinyl replacement windows sandwich high-tech thermal spacers and a proprietary mix of gases as a dual thermal insulator. Available styles include double-hung, bay, bow, casement, and more. 800.689.5432.

CertainTeed. Keep homes warm and dry with DryRight Fiber Glass insulation with MemBrain. Available in batts or rolls, the unique vapor barrier technology in the MemBrain facing changes its molecular permeability as humidity levels rise and fall. The transformation helps with drying in either direction through vapor diffusion, ultimately allowing walls to stay dry and reducing the risk of mold and mildew damage. 800.233.8990.

Rinnai. Unlike ordinary single-stage gas furnaces, the Energy Saver Ductless Furnace has the ability to modulate both burner and blower to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. A seven-stage gas control system helps maintain a stable room temperature through continuous and even heat output. The extended-life stainless steel heat exchanger transfers 84% of consumed gas to useful heat, the maker says. 800.621.9419.

Syndecrete. Used in the first LEED platinum-certified residential project, Syndecrete is an advanced cementitious composite using natural minerals and recycled materials as its primary ingredients. No resins or polymers are used in the solid-surfacing material, which has half the weight of standard concrete and twice the compressive strength. Design possibilities include countertops, tiles, tabletops, sinks, and more. 310.829.9704.

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