Le Center, Minn-based ShetkaStone takes post-consumer and post-industrial paper such as newsprint, cardboard, and retired currency out of the waste stream and upcycles it into surfacing for tabletops, countertops, office furniture, moldings, tiles, and vanities. The paper is supplemented by plastic polyester and the final surfaces’ total recycled content varies from 55 percent to 80 percent. Because of the high amount of paper used, ShektaStone requires a topical sealant and the company typically uses a zero-VOC finishes that contains no formaldehyde. ShetkaStone will also collected old ShetkaStone surfaces at the end of their lives and recycle it into new product. The surfaces are water, stain and scratch resistant, fire rated, and  may contribute to up to four LEED-CI points. Shown here: nine of thecompany's color options.  shetkastone.com