Plumbing system manufacturer Sloan Valve Co. is set to launch a new greywater option at next week’s Greenbuild Expo in Boston. The Aqus Greywater System collects water from bathroom sinks and reuses it for toilet flushing. The drainage water is routed through a sanitizing and filtration system, and then collects in a storage reservoir under the sink; upon flushing, the water is pumped to the flush tank.

A company official reported that the toilet tank will use supplemental freshwater if enough greywater is not sent down the lav drain to accommodate the amount of flushing required.

The company said in an announcement that the system can save "thousands of gallons of water annually," but upon request did not provide more specific estimates due to variations in usage from home to home. But given the amount of potable water we send through even ultra-low-flow toilets each day—this could be a smart new option for additional savings.