LP. Installed like traditional OSB, LP TechShield radiant barrier sheathing can prevent up to 97% of radiant heat in the panel from entering a home's attic, and produce summertime energy savings of up to 20%, the maker says. Standard panels measure 4 feet by 8 feet in five thicknesses. The panels are APA Exposure 1 rated OSB and come with a 20-year transferable limited warranty that covers the aluminum, OSB substrate, and lamination process. 888.820.0325. www.lptechshield.com.

Solatube. Maximize daylight and minimize lamp use with the Solatube Daylighting System. Two systems, the 160 DS and 290 DS, are designed to illuminate up to 200 square feet and 300 square feet, respectively, and are both Energy Star-rated. The systems incorporate Raybender 3000 technology to collect and direct more low-angle sunlight during the early morning and late afternoon hours. The Light-Tracker reflector in each dome also intercepts sunlight that would otherwise pass through the dome, and directs it into the highly reflective tube to light the home. 888.765.2882. www.solatube.com.

WattStoppper/Legrand. With enforcement of Title 24 and other energy codes, vacancy and occupancy sensors are essential replacements for wall switches in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and elsewhere. Vacancy sensors require users to turn lights on manually, while occupancy sensors automatically detect motion. In empty rooms, both controls turn lights off to save energy. Available features include nightlights, dual switching, light-level sensing, backlit switches, and multiway control for multiple switch locations in hallways. 800.879.8585. www.wattstopper.com.

El: Environmental Language. Expanding on its sustainable furniture platform, the design firm launches El: Kitchen sustainable cabinetry. The line features sustainably harvested woods, such as rift-cut oak and beech, and bamboo. Paneled, recessed/ beveled, and flat door styles are available, along with a variety of sustainable, nontoxic stain and color options. Custom designs are also available. Distributed through Safe Building Solutions. 262.968.5070. www.el-furniture.com.