A bike design competition project from Oregon Manifest tasked five design teams to create and produce the "next-wave urban bike." Each design firm was paired with a bicycle builder in each of their respective city, and had to produce a working prototype (not just designs/renderings) in order to be considered.

One bike came out on top: The Denny (to be produced by Fuji Bikes next year), from the Seattle design firm TEAGUE and builder Sizemore Bicycle. The bike features a handlebar that doubles as a u-lock, a cargo rack, electric assist, auto-shifting, and integrated smart lights, making it the ultimate commuting tool for green travelers.

Meet Denny and learn about more features of the innovative bike in TEAGUE's video:

For more information on features of the bike, you can also read TreeHugger's coverage on the competition.

How many of you bicyclists out there would get on the waiting list for the Denny bike? Fuji Bikes could have the model available in Spring 2015, you can sign up for notifications of Fuji Bikes'  website here >>

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