Traco, a division of Kawneer Co., now offers OptiQ Ultra Thermal Windows featuring built-in thermal intelligence. The line was developed as a result of a pioneering partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. The first of the line is the AA 4325 series. The AA 4325 series features a polyamide thermal break that allows it to achieve higher thermal performance than a traditional pour and debridged –style thermal break. In addition, the system accommodates 1" and 1.75" triple insulating glass to further boost performance. The insulating glass unit is aligned with the thermal break to allow the window to maintain thermal continuity, and reduced sightlines decrease thermal conductivity and transfer. A center fin gasket design, use of insulating foam strips, and the ability to accommodate the triple glazing further reduces thermal transmission. Using commercially available triple insulating glass, the series has the potential to achieve U-factors of 0.17 for fixed and 0.22 for operable.

The series features a 3.25"-deep frame and a removable interior stop to accommodate multiple infill thicknesses. The windows are made from aluminum to provide installation flexibility and durability.; 770.449.5555