Tubelite’s Max/Block sunshades are now manufactured with EcoLuminum, a high-recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes. The sunshades are available in Airfoil, Z-blade, and Tubular profiles. Outriggers are attached to blades via spline connections, and each outrigger type can be extended from a building in various projection lengths. EcoLuminum allows all Max/Block sunshades to contain at least 80 percent reclaimed aluminum, which includes an average of 34 percent post-consumer content. Special requests for higher recycled content can be provided, including up to 100 percent reclaimed aluminum. According to the company, the eco-friendly anodize finishes used on Max/Block sunshades send 90 percent less waste to landfills than traditional anodizing processes and increase durability.; 800.866.2227