HydroPoint Satellite-Linked Irrigation Controls Using potable water to irrigate lawns and gardens is bad enough, but installing irrigation systems controlled by timers alone adds a level of waste that should be avoided. Common timers don’t know when it’s raining, and homeowners don’t always pick the best time of day to run their systems. So we have selected the WeatherTRAK ET for its innovative technology that gathers and delivers NOAA satellite downloads and weather station updates to site-located receivers, which can adjust irrigation scheduling to actual and changing weather conditions. The data delivered is accurate to within 1 square kilometer of the receiver and takes into account precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, and temperature. WeatherTRAK systems also can be programmed to account for variations in plant type, soil type, and site slope. This level of control results in water savings of 59% and runoff reductions of 71% over typical irrigation systems, according to EPA studies. 800.362.8774. www.weathertrak.com.