View, a company based in Silicon Valley, has developed a system of window tinting with smartphone controls that is capable of reducing energy used for heating, cooling, and lighting about 23 percent for the average building.

The Dynamic Glass technology applies a electrochromic metal oxide coating to window glass that a fraction of the thickness of human hair. So far, View has applied the coating to more than 120 projects ranging from hospitals to private homes. A programmable thermostat that changes the tinting in the windows based on conditions can control a side of building or each individual window, and there's an app for that.

View claims that Dynamic Glass positively impacts even more than just energy bills. It improves scores for students and patients in hospital rooms with the controllable windows recover up to 20 percent faster. The downside is high upfront cost, despite it being made back overtime.

Check out more about the Dynamic Glass technology from the video below and read more from Green Building Elements.