Izmade, a studio design collective based in Turin, Italy, started making sustainable furniture and decor in 2012. Examples of their distinctive designs include the Umberto, a bedside table made from two fruit crates and iron slabs. Izmade’s Bucatini is a line of coat hooks made from heating pipes recovered from construction sites. The piece not only reuses materials that would otherwise become waste, but the flexibility and design of the Bucatini adds to its use value with twists and semi-circles that accommodate more than typical coat hooks.

Their latest design, the Margherita lamp, continues their commitment to eco-design with a new spin— a lampshade made from recycled cans.

More than 15,000 tomato sauce cans are discarded by restaurants in Turin every day according to Izmade's IndieGoGo page. This inspired the Collective to reuse such a commonly wasted container for a unique design. By collecting cans from restaurants, Izmade’s team washes, cuts, and paints them eight different colors to create the Margherita lampshade. Other pieces of the product are also designed sustainably. The plywood used to make the stand come from trees found in Italy with layers bonded by a soybean adhesive instead of chemical glues. The scraps will come full circle and be used in a pizza oven. All the lamp’s electrical components are also locally sources in Italy. Although shipping the finished product around the world might not be the most sustainable option, the full construction and assembly of the Margherita in one area really minimizes its footprint from start to finish.

In addition to products like the Margherita and ecofurnishings from shelves to seating, the studio design collective has educational programs for the budding designer, using their shared space as an open forum through seminars and Ecodesign sessions.

Izmade is currently rolling out the Margherita design into the next phase of production through IndieGoGo. Here is a creative video about the product and its sustainable story: