Designed by Dutch architecture firm, +31Architects, Watervilla Weesperzijde is a houseboat that rests on the bank of the river Amstel, with its lower level submerged in the water. 

Connected to the dock with a wooden bridge, the floating home rises and falls with the movement of the water, offering a sense of relaxation. Sliding glass doors let natural light stream into the room, without sacrificing the view of the river from inside. The extended floor outside of the living room is like a deck to a boat, inviting people to walk out of the interior and get close to the waterways.


Bedrooms, bathrooms and a small lounge are accessible via a staircase that connects the basement with the ground level.  A panel of blue LEDs adds to the details of the wall, and sheds light at night to the basement.

The floating house is easily transportable (maybe needless to say), without leaving any damage to the environment. Such flexibility also ensures residents the protection they need from natural disasters or flooding. 

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