image via Create + Think Design Studio
image via Create + Think Design Studio

The A’tolan House, located on a hill along the eastern seaboard of Taiwan, is blessed with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Taipei, Taiwan–based Create + Think Studio, the project achieves a harmonious marriage between modernity and nature for its residents.

“A’tolan” in the native language means “a place with many rocks”. And the project employs traditional native architectural techniques of A’tolan. Designers used rocks that were excavated from the site to build a fence wall, which not only adds natural beauty to the home, but also offers privacy for the homeowner.
The steel frame of the home is clad with native rocks, making the aesthetic of the home's landscape and exterior consistent. The rooftop, clad with wooden panels and covered by various types of plants, serves as an ocean lookout.

To embrace of idea of simplicity, the designers only defined zones for cooking and sleeping in the floorplan of the home. Accordion glass doors can divide the communal space, and also invites sunlight and fresh air into the room.

For more details on the project, visit ArchDaily.

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