Superuse Studio

Storage and display is as important to a home as it is to a store, but let’s face the truth--display cases are never cheap. How can you make the most of available storage space and also stay on budget? This Dutch shoe store outfitted with recycled car windows might spark some inspiration.

Superuse Studio

Netherlands-based design firm Superuse Studio

 created this amazing interior scheme for a shoe store located in the The Hague three years ago, utilizing 350 recycled Audi100 windscreens and reclaimed wood. Though it is an older project, the designers’ creative approach of using discarded car parts is still worth learning from.

Superuse Studio

The core concept behind this design, as the designers explained in a statement, is to surround customers with the shoes displayed on these windshields, and allow more light to enter the small space.

Superuse Studio

Two ergonomic couches are made with a footrest, which serves as a support for customers to try out new shoes.

Superuse Studio

The store’s front desk is also made of car windshields, for the purpose of consistency in the design.

Superuse Studio

Does this sound like a perfect example for shoe lovers to place their beloved Jimmy Choo pairs at home?

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