This ship-like Japanese home would be an ideal dwelling for those who’ve ever dreamed of maritime living.  

The “Urban Vessel”, designed by Japanese architecture firm nano Architects, is located besides the Onga River in Fukuoka Nogata, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. The wooden 2-story building has approximately 1,110 square-feet of living space, and is home to a married couple with two children. 

Unlike traditional home designs, the kitchen and living area are located on the second floor of Urban Vessel. The first floor consists of the master bedroom, laundry area, and a semi open three-car garage.

image via nano Architects
image via nano Architects

The novel-looking Urban Vessel also brings life back to Nogata city, a deserted city where many old houses have been abandoned without renovation.  Architects of the Urban Vessel got their idea from those abandoned houses, which they described as “moored vessels” floating in the deserted city and dreaming of a new resident to come.

 Learn more about this project on nano Architect's web page.