Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes has constructed a 300-seat venue, bar, rehearsal space, and ticket office with a modular arrangement of discarded shipping containers in Sion, a small town in the south of Switzerland. 

The Sion-based architecture firm was awarded funding from the region's Bea Young Artists Foundation to build the Contemporary Music Centre after winning a competition in 2011. The two-story scheme inserts discarded shipping containers in an existing building, designed and arranged to construct the necessary rooms for a music venue.  

The structure can be assembled and altered easily due to the standardized dimensions of shipping containers and the modular nature of the design. 

A container gives great flexibility in the arrangement of the contemporary music center. The performance space can be organized according to the activities taking place there, and the different types of ambiance required. Extra rooms can be added, supplementing the rehearsal rooms required by the project specifications.
Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes
Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

The crown jewel of the project is the 300-seat concert hall, which fosters an authentic industrial ambiance and has a distinct "visual identity communicated via a simple expressive image [steel shipping containers]." The firm hopes that the venue will serve as a cultural hub in the town of Sion, and the use of shipping containers ensures that it's built to last. 

The steel containers are the perfect choice for the venue not only because of their flexibility but because of their durability as well--the containers will meet any rowdy concert goers well, as they can easily sustain (or showcase) any potential vandalism. 

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