Here’s some good news for mountain lovers. Czech architecture firm ASGK Design has designed an energy efficient home—“Zilver”—that looks like a modernist mountain.

The house, where the client's family would spend weekends, is located in the eastern part of Bohemia, Czech Republic, a peaceful place surrounded by fields, meadows, and woods. Inspired by the natural beauty in the neighborhood, the designers created a simple building with a pitched roof and several square windows, allowing natural light to stream into rooms. The unique structure also opens up views of the surrounding environment, which adds a sense of nature to the building.

The house is designed with a diffuse open outer structure, making it a low energy building. Mineral insulation is inserted into the framework, and the house is heated with radiant infra-panels and a wood-burning stove, while solar water heaters provide hot water. A large-format glazing in the house offers solar gain in winter, and is covered by terrace ceiling in summer.

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