Designed by Dattner Architects, the 40,500-square-foot Battery Park City Parks Conservancy Maintenance Facility in New York City, has achieved LEED Platinum certification for commercial interiors from the USGBC. Located in lower Manhattan in the base of the Visionaire, a new, sustainable high-rise residential tower in Battery Park City, the maintenance facility is home to the Conservancy’s educational and art workshops, offices, vehicle storage, and other storage facilities. The Conservancy supports 36 acres of open space around Battery Park City.

The LEED Platinum facility uses a combination of low-tech, passive strategies and high-tech equipment to reduce the energy costs by 35 percent. Automated daylighting controls and occupancy sensors adjust lighting levels throughout the day, and a geothermal water-to-water heat-pump system provides heating and cooling. The radiant slab also provides cooling.

The installation of low-flow fixtures and waterless urinals, and the use of treated black water and graywater from the residential building’s plant reduced water use by 47 percent. The treated black water is used for vehicle washdown.

Overall, 40 to 50 percent of the facility’s space is tempered and not mechanically air-conditioned. A double-glazed exterior walkway insulates the facilities in the summer and is designed to capture solar energy and repurpose it to heat the space in the winter. It doubles as a naturally ventilated circulation spin to help control air-circulation patterns. The space is anchored by a large central atrium that serves as a staging area for daily operations. It is vented with operable skylights and outfitted with fans from Big Ass Fans.

“Dattner Architects has designed a number of benchmark green projects, but working with the Conservancy and with this unique program, was especially rewarding,” says John Woelfling, principal at Dattner Architects.