Senate Bill 2150, signed into law last month by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn increases the number of utility companies that will meet renewable energy goals and creates specific goals for solar energy in Illinois. SB 2150, sponsored by state Sen. Don Harmon (D), creates a path for renewable retail electric suppliers to meet Illinois’ Renewable Electricity Standard, which aims to have Illinois generating 25 percent of its own electricity from renewable sources by 2025. The bill also requires 6 percent of the renewable energy purchased each year to be solar-generated. This solar provision takes effect in 2015. “Renewable energy is creating jobs and income in Illinois while protecting public health and our environment for future generations,” says Barry Matchett, co-legislative director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. “This bill brings more companies on board to develop the clean energy of the future and ensures we will have a diverse, sustainable supply of energy to meet our state’s needs.” For more information, visit