The Washington, D.C.-based Building Owners and Managers Association International’s 7-Point Challenge aims to reduce commercial buildings’ energy consumption by 30 percent in the next three years. The benchmark is a building earning a 50 rating in 2007 within the Washington-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. More than 100 BOMA-member businesses and organizations voluntarily have agreed to address energy-consumption issues by benchmarking their energy performance and water usage through Energy Star tools; educating their staffs to ensure building equipment is properly maintained and utilized; performing an energy audit and/or retro-commission of their building; implementing low-risk, low-cost and cost-effective strategies to improve energy efficiency; extending equipment life by improving the operations and maintenance of building systems; reducing climate change by leading and positively impacting their industry, community and planet; and providing leadership solutions and expertise to owners and tenants seeking operational excellence. For more information, visit