A new housing project in Phoenix is bringing recycled homes to the center of the city. 

Containers on Grand, currently being built by STARKJAMES, already has a waiting list for its rental units. The big benefit of the container one-bedroom homes is twofold. First, it addresses a need for housing in downtown Phoenix, Ariz., where many residents say they would love to live but have never been able to. Second, the homes are attracting millennials who want the modern appeal of industrial design, but don't need a lot of pricey space.

The complex is being built with the containers linked together via connecting bathrooms and kitchens. This will improve the fluidity of the structure's design, separate each container, make wiring easier, and also add a bit of space to each floor plan.

Although they will look cool, the designers will have to literally cool them, too. Because the containers are metal, without enough of a barrier between indoor and outdoor conditions the heat inside would be unbearable (even with air conditioning). 

If the project is as successful as its proving to be, it will be a grand example of a way to increase housing in densely populated cities at a low cost. 

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