The roof encompasses 83,000 square feet (7711 m2) with 63,000 square feet (5853 m2) of vegetated roof on multiple levels. Because the building is in downtown Charlotte, there were challenges with scheduling and delivery. Labor costs were reduced and installation eased by using a converted vacuum truck, which could blow the soil hundreds of feet to the rooftop. The entire roof is protected by an electric leak-detection system. There also is a drip-irrigation system when necessary. Plant media are drought-tolerant and consist primarily of sedum and other indigenous species. Roof Engineer Inc., Charlotte, was the architect and engineer, and Cyclone Roofing, a Tecta America Co., Indian Trail, N.C., served as the installer. PROJECTED SUBMITTED BY TECTA AMERICA CORP., SKOKIE, ILL., WWW.TECTAAMERICA.COM