Landscaping for the Galleries at Turney project is a far cry from the property’s former life as the site of two single-family homes and their water-guzzling grass lawns.

“Previously the houses that were there were surrounded by grass, but now we’ve put in desert landscaping,” project manager Jonah Busick says. “And drip irrigation has cut water use way down from where it used to be.”

The Galleries’ eight units boast yards planted with desert-friendly foliage in beds of decomposed granite. Marine gardens capture nearly 100% of roof rainwater runoff and allow it to percolate into the ground, slowly irrigating nearby plants and grasses.

Rain sensors activate irrigation equipment only when needed and sidewalks are shaded by a canopy of native Palo Verde trees. The north edge of the site is screened by a row of desert-adapted bamboo.

“One of the passive features we’ve implemented that people really like is the sustainable landscaping,” Busick says. —J.G.