The ICEHOTEL, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, features suites carved completely out of snow and ice from the Torne River. The annual hotel and art exhibition features ice suites designed by artists of all disciplines that melt back into the river with the arrival of Spring.

PinPin Studio has contributed themed ICEHOTEL suites in the past, and now has designed a permanent, sustainable structure that will allow tourists to experience the beauty of Jukkasjärvi year-round. 

The new 12,916 square-foot structure will be an addition to the existing ICEHOTEL, and the annual ice event will continue as usual. Renderings of the addition from PinPin Studio depict a structure covered in greenery that rises from the ground like a hill, with solar panels and an observation deck resting above. 

The ICEHOTEL plans to capitalize on energy collected from the midnight sun (which glows for a full 100 days without setting) to power the 20 suites, bar, and art gallery in the addition throughout the summer. 

Investing in this Arctic and unique summer product will boost seasonality and be beneficial to not just ICEHOTEL, but the entire region and attract international visitors in the warmer months of the year, too.

If the project is able to secure funding from investors, tourists could enjoy a sub-zero experience year-round as early as December 2016. To learn more about the project, read ICEHOTEL's official announcement.